Candle Holder With Scented Candle & Wooden Calligraphy Word of "Love" in Farsi

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Have a unique Candle Holder with beautiful wooden calligraphy word of Eshgh in Farsi language and a scented candle. The word "Eshgh" is repeated in front and the backside of the candle holder. 

Gift Positive Energy and Love with this product to your beloved ones!

  • کلمه عشق خوشنویسی شده جنس چوب روی شمعدان با شمع معطر
  • Candle Holder Material: Matte Glass
  • Word Material: Wood
  • Cap Material: Metal
  • Width: 4"
  • Height: 5"
  • Weight:  Almost 2 lbs
  • Color: Laguna